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What are some of the key features of a PDC bit?

2021-03-05 09:52:56

PDC bit plays an extremely important role in the process of geological exploration, which is generally used in the drilling construction industry. But most people may not know what kind of characteristics and structure PDC bit will have in the process of use and what kind of role? The first thing you need to know is what's the difference between this and diamond bits?

There is no obvious difference between a PDC bit and a diamond bit. There are many similarities between the two bits, but structurally they are not the same. PDC bit is a combination of cutters and bit body, and the bit body has a variety of different materials, in general, will choose carbide material. In this case, it can effectively prolong the use of time, avoid the phenomenon of wear and tear, but the number and sorting method may have a little difference, not the same standard, not the same close combination will produce different differences.

PDC bit has many characteristics, such as high efficiency cutting function, can effectively extend the use of time compared with other types of alloy bit, will have a very good mechanical speed, relatively speaking, impact resistance may be relatively weak. Therefore, after a comparison, many enterprises will rely on PDC bit, and the price needed to buy PDC bit is not very high, has a very good practicability.



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