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Maintenance of geological drill pipe and diamond bit

2021-02-01 09:43:44

In the current industry can see the use of some equipment everywhere, such as drill pipe, drill bit, PDC bit, diamond bit are emerging one after another. It is also important to use the bit in the right way in different industries. For example, maintenance should be performed regularly, and the operation of anti-rust coating should be carried out, so that the maintenance cycle is not affected.

Maintenance of geological drill pipe and diamond bit(图1)

There are some similarities between the use of geological drill pipe and diamond drill bit. First of all, we must choose special geological drilling pipe, which is welded after friction and joint. It has good follow-up and excellent tensile strength, and can be adapted to some conventional drilling process. In addition, even if it is used in some special environments, the use of address transformation can also be easily completed, but in the use of the process need to pay attention to must be used, otherwise it is easy to appear sudden death and stuck and other phenomena, resulting in bending deformation of the rotary rod.

Maintenance of geological drill pipe and diamond bit(图2)

Geological drill pipe during operation should also be tied to effectively determine whether, if there is damage or corrosion phenomena, also need to be replaced as soon as possible, when finished for packing also need to maintain clean, at the time of operation must be tight tight, otherwise easy to cause some damage, if after the use of other significant bending degree, at this point, there is no way to normal work, need as soon as possible into the state of repair.


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