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What is the range of action of diamond composite bit? What are the characteristics?

2021-01-06 17:13:33


After understanding, people will find that diamond composite bit is mainly formed under high temperature conditions, is made of hard alloy and artificial diamond together, not only has the characteristics of high hardness, and wear resistance is relatively good, at the same time the impact is also very good. It can effectively improve work efficiency in the process of use, which is worth choosing.

After investigation, it will be found that diamond composite bits are also widely used in various industries, such as tunnel construction, water and hydropower, oil exploration, and railway and highway, etc. After understanding, people will also find that there are obvious similarities between PDC bit and diamond composite bit. Both of them choose a high quality steel, so they can effectively increase the mechanical properties of the treatment. Generally acting on the same material can also effectively improve the operating life of the ordinary alloy bit, compared to at least 10 times to 30 times, can effectively reduce the cost of workers.

See here, people for diamond compact bit also have more understanding, from a big manufacturer of diamond compact bit, will have faster speed, no matter what kind of material will have a stronger ability to resist shock, so it has a uniform effect, can effectively reduce the wear phenomena in the process of operation, so some professional companies have begun to choose now, for a period of time in the future will also spread to various occasions.


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