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Why do diamond compound chip bits exceed PDC bits

2020-12-17 11:18:52


In the current market, many people will find diamond compact bit has become a popular one kind of product, whether it is in the process of mining or drilling at ordinary times can be used to, in the current industrial environment has made great contributions, at the same time people will be curious, why is this a diamond compact bit that beyond the PDC bit.

The reason why many people choose diamond composite chip bit is that its service life is long, compared with the general material, it will be effective to increase by 50%, compared with the ordinary diamond bit directly more than 10 times, so there is no need to worry about the phenomenon of wear in the process of use.

In addition, after the use of diamond composite chip bit, it can effectively reflect better cost performance, and can also be used to break some small rocks, accounting for about 1/3. At present, it can be used in a wide range, such as sandstone, claystone, carbonate rock, or limestone, etc. In short, it will have a good effect in the process of using, compared with the general drill bit, the effect can be improved by about 80%. Even for relatively hard materials, the use of diamond composite chip bit is not to worry, and the problem can be easily solved.


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