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How to use triangular drill pipe in a standard way?

2020-06-11 10:49:25

How to use triangular drill pipe in a standard way?(图1)

Through our observation of the appearance of the trigonal drill rod, we can find that this is a slender drill rod tool, so we must effectively consider the shape of the product during the operation process, so that we can be in the operation process Care should be taken to avoid that the product cannot be operated in a more stable manner when it is used for too long.

Since the triangular prism will be subjected to greater external pressure during the operation, effective length control or selection of related materials with higher strength can effectively solve the problem of excessively long drill pipe products. Yes, the longer triangular drill pipe can be operated in the deeper ground, but this also makes the product appear more unstable during the operation process, only to perform the operation many times, master some of the use process The technique effectively shortens the length of a certain part, so as to better ensure the stability of the triangular prism during use.


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