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Why can diamond drill be used for a long time without affecting the performance?

2020-11-19 17:04:48


Many people in the first time I heard the diamond bit, the first impression of this kind of new drill bit should be a bit of quality is very high, no matter how the external structure of the drill bit, in use process to be able to better apply to some of the hardness of high strata, so this kind of material of drill is very popular, so why diamond bit can use for a long time, and will not affect the use effect?


In fact, when we choose a bit or drill pipe, we need to take into account the factors are quite similar. First of all, we must ensure that the bit used has a high quality, so for the bit material. Requirement is high, and then in order to be able to meet the needs of different people to choose to make different material of drill or drill pipe, so you can have some other advantages, diamond drill bit at the same time ensure that bit of wisdom, also conducted some structural adjustment, not only can be for the environment more complex stratum, to ensure that the drilling tool in the process of using can have higher efficiency, because can better for some harder formation, then simple structural adjustment, can more speed up the use of, In the process of using the diamond bit, it can ensure that the diamond bit has a faster speed, but also can ensure that the drill pipe itself will not appear larger floating, stable operation of drilling tools, can better ensure the safety of drilling work.


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