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Is the PDC bit widely used?

2020-04-06 13:52:07

Is the PDC bit widely used?

Compared with the PDC bit products we often use in the past, the PDC bit quality produced by many modern factories has undergone new changes. Therefore, the product quality has been constantly improved, so it can be better applied to more working environments, so the application scope has been expanded in a larger scope.

Previous PDC bit product quality is not up to standard, so can not apply for some deeper level of hardness, so the use effect is not particularly good, led to a decline in market share of PDC bit constantly, many people began to don't recognize this kind of material is the product of the bit, but now with the improvement and development of PDC bit, the expansion of the scope of this kind of product can be used continuously, continuously improve the quality of the product, so the market share of the PDC bit began to constantly rebound, can play it in a larger range of efficacy, the field will not be able to operate before, now to be able to achieve better effect, More customers have to try to buy.


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