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What are the advantages of PDC bits in operation?

2020-04-20 09:44:36

What are the advantages of PDC bits in operation?

If we only use words to describe the advantages of the latest PDC bit products, many groups may not be able to understand the product more specifically or further. Only by truly operating can we understand what advantages PDC bit products have in the process of use.

PDC bit in use process, we can find that the operation of the product resistance is very small, mainly because of the bit's structure to improve, ensure that in use process can have a stronger buffer force, will not meet more resistance in the operation process, the whole operation process can be more smoothly, but also won't cause certain damage for a bit, so the modern PDC bit service life is very long, and if the product can cope with stronger resistance, then in deep geological layer operation can achieve better effect, Therefore, compared with some other bit products, this bit product has many advantages.


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