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How to choose the right PDC bit?

2020-04-17 13:25:19

How to choose the right PDC bit?(图1)

Although many groups have achieved good results when using PDC drill bits, it does not mean that every bit product we choose to buy can guarantee the quality. When purchasing the right PDC drill bits, we must consider more other factors to ensure the purchase of high-quality products.

Choose a normal bit sales manufacturer was able to buy the latest style of PDC bit, if we buy a few years ago the bit products, in use process is not able to play to the effect of PDC bit, drill bits, such as some employers design of the product structure is not reasonable, so during the process of using, bit need bear the greater pressure, for a bit of damage is very serious, but now produce some new type of PDC bit in use process can effectively reduce the pressure of to turn, It can effectively reduce the buffer force for the bit products in the process of use. If the appropriate PDC bit is selected, there are more advantages in the process of use.


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