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What preparation should be made before using PDC bit?

2020-05-28 11:31:03

What preparation should be made before using PDC bit?

PDC bit is a common drilling tool with a high frequency of use. Therefore, when customers buy and use this product, they must pay attention to some relevant factors to avoid some damage to the product in the process of use, or it may not be able to give full play to its maximum benefits.

In PDC bit before using, we need to carefully investigates bottom hole conditions to ensure that study is unobstructed, such ability can ensure that bit wasn't damaged when the well, and some relevant measurement must also be more accurate, careful to drilling data or some other radical buoyancy measured data, so that we can ensure the master at the time of operation can be effective to speed control, make the operation of the PDC bit has a higher efficacy. In addition, after the use of the bit tool is completed, we should properly carry out the handling and storage, so as to ensure that the bit product will not suffer from some friction and damage during the use of the details.


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