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What should I pay attention to when using grooved drill pipe?

2020-10-30 18:30:28


Generally, when grooved drill pipe is mentioned in the large-scale tool market, many groups who have just entered the field or traded belt products do not understand grooved drill pipe, because grooved drill pipe is an old-fashioned Drilling tools are not well known by more people. The main manufacturing process of grooved drill pipes is to process geological drill pipes accordingly and use spiral technology to produce them. But nowadays, more of this type of drill pipe is sold on the market. The drill pipe product is called a ribbed drill pipe, and the external structure between the two is very similar.

Since the grooved drill pipe has undergone some processing and the smooth surface of the geological drill pipe is made into a spiral shape, it should have some unique advantages compared with the geological drill pipe. After the drill pipe is used to connect the drill bit, whether it is Lowering the drill bit to the depths of the formation, or taking the drill bit out of the formation, the hardness of the formation or some other influencing factors, may cause greater resistance to related operations, but if the surface of the drill pipe is made into a spiral shape , You can operate according to the spiral sequence, which weakens the resistance of the formation to the greatest extent, and the corresponding principle is similar to the design of screws and screw nuts. Although grooved drill pipe has many advantages and overcomes the resistance problem of harder formations, the production cost of this type of drill pipe product is relatively high, and the cost of choosing this type of drill pipe is relatively low.


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