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Causes of geological drill pipe breakage and how to save the drill pipe

2020-10-24 15:30:07


Material and processing


   (1) Drill pipe material. Nowadays, the market for drilling materials is chaotic, and dishonest merchants are shoddy. The vast majority of users only consider low prices without the ability to distinguish the quality of pipe materials and purchase them randomly. Many users paid high prices to buy sub-material pipes, and plausibly said how good their things are.


   (2) Processing quality. Mainly the processing standard, processing buckle type, processing quality, processing precision and so on for connecting geological drill pipes.


   (3) Heat treatment process. Such as quenching and tempering and hardening treatment, friction welding technology and thread processing technology.


   Drill pipes and supporting receivers should choose a manufacturer to ensure uniform standards and achieve the best compatibility. Many users are taken over by Zhang San Drill Pipe and Li Si. Our Pengyu Drilling Tools has its own production plant for triangular drill pipes. From processing to sales, we provide one-stop service to ensure the quality of each drill pipe.


   Drilling technology


   (1) Reasonable drill bit and tool gradation, maintain reasonable outer ring clearance, use suitable drag reducer, maintain the lubricity of the mud, and reduce the rotation resistance of the drill.


   (2) Prevent the drill pipe from being over-diameter and bending of the drill tool, which may cause the drill pipe to break due to the grooved drill pipe.


   (3) Reasonable drilling process parameters, too high drilling pressure and too high speed will easily cause the drill pipe to break.


  The storage method of machinery and parts is very important to extend the life. Take geological drill pipes as an example, when they are not in use, they cannot be placed anywhere, otherwise the quality of the geological drill pipes will be easily damaged. When storing these products, do not store diamond bits in humid, high temperature and chemically corrosive places.


  1. Avoid moisture and avoid storing in a humid environment because the moisture and oxygen on the surface of geological drill pipes chemically react to form rust in a humid environment, which damages the quality of geological drill pipes and affects sales. Do not place geological drill pipes in places where the temperature is too high or in direct sunlight. When the PDC drill bit is exposed to direct sunlight, the temperature of the geological drill pipe will rise on one side, and the thermal expansion and contraction will change the physical characteristics of the geological drill pipe. Sometimes damage or tooth loss occurs.


2. Avoid corrosion. Putting geological drill pipes in a corrosive chemical environment will severely corrode the surface of geological drill pipes. Most geological drill pipes generally used in corrosive environments are galvanized or nickel-plated geological drills. Rod.

  Linqing Huanye Machinery Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of geological drill pipes and PDC drill bits. It is mainly engaged in the development and sales of various grooved drill pipes, triangular drill pipes and diamond composite drill bits. The source factory produces and sells itself, with good quality and low price! 


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