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PDC bits are alloy materials widely used in mining plants

2019-12-02 17:29:45

Why do many people use PDC drills?

PDC bits are alloy materials widely used for mining plant requirements (figure 1)

In fact, as we should all know, we usually do market analysis based on different criteria for various PDC bits. There are two reasons why more and more people are using PDC bits to understand.

The first reason is that we can meet the selection criteria during use. With the continuous improvement of social and economic strength, more and more people choose our company for cooperation. They should know how to conduct market analysis according to different situations. For a wide variety of rock formations and detection techniques, most products today use traditional alloys. PDC bit can also meet our testing requirements in the market. Not all products must be made of diamond material. Diamond materials are used only in certain solid rock formations.

Therefore, when you choose our company for cooperation, you should know that there is another reason, which is that when we use PDC bits, the price is lower than some other materials.

PDC bits are alloy materials widely used for mining plant requirements (figure 2)

If you choose no other material, then the price of the PDC bit will certainly be 2 to 3 times the price of the alloy we use, and some materials may be more expensive. Therefore, you should know how to choose products, so that our selection conditions can become more and more diversified, only this kind of products can not meet the needs of our market, the key is to really understand our needs.

Various technologies will be used in the market for a period of time before they can be promoted better. Therefore, when you choose our product for processing, you will find why it is the most classic product in the whole market?

Our PDC drill production technology and development level can answer some of these questions, as long as the technology in use without problems, we can still have the penetration like a diamond. Only by really expanding and learning something can we ensure that our standards are getting better and better.


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