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Does the rigidity level of drill pipe affect the price?

2020-11-16 11:45:35


Through our understanding of drill bit or drill pipe, we can find that if we want to consider the cost performance of drill pipe, first we need to understand the basic information of drill pipe products, and then compare the market price. There are many factors affecting the price of drill pipe, so does the rigidity grade of drill pipe affect the price?

At first, we choose to buy drill pipe products, need different style different material of drill pipe to a specific classification, the PDC bit, diamond bit and some other apart from the rest of the class of drill pipe products, such ability can accurate price comparison for different material of the structure of the products, have their own different pricing rule, but either way drill tools, drill pipe rigid hierarchy, will directly affect the price of high and low, if the drill pipe level of rigidity of the strong, has the strong ability of bending, the price will be increased. Then, since the rigidity of the drill pipe will affect the price, we do not need to choose the products with higher rigidity, we need to choose the rigidity of the drill pipe according to the place where drilling tools are often used. After all, the price of drill pipe is relatively high. If we distinguish drill pipe products according to rigidity, we can find that the price difference of each product is very large due to rigidity. Therefore, it is very important to select the right drill pipe by comparing multiple influencing factors.


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