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Why do so many people choose to buy grooved drill rods?

2020-06-04 12:11:27

Why do so many people choose to buy grooved drill rods?

The group that often needs to operate drill pipe products will always consider various factors when choosing to buy a broken rod and choose to buy some high-quality products. So why are there so many of the many drill pipe products? Do people choose to buy grooved drill rods? Compared with other drill pipe products, what are the different characteristics of the grooved drill pipe?

Most people choose grooved drill rods, mainly because the drill rod product effectively reduces the resistance through the shape design, so some operations are relatively simple in the use process, so that the product can be prevented from being large during the use process Pressure, and cause some external damage to the drill pipe. In addition, the grooved drill rod is designed in an integrated manner, so there will be no looseness during the operation, so it can save more external pressure and make the product basically free from errors during use. To ensure that the product is easier to operate, and it is not easy to cause damage to the grooved drill rod products during the operation process, then it is very worthwhile for some customers to choose to buy.


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