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How much does diamond compound piece bit need about cost, buy bit to want to look for huan industry

2020-08-24 11:07:35


Geological drill rod is essential to life a device, there are a lot of geological exploration work situation can see his shadow, but he also have no way of operating alone, must match the diamond compact bit, in simple terms, diamond compact bit is very important, if you can choose a more excellent quality, can extend the use of time, not easy to appear the wear phenomenon, but the diamond compact bit probably need to how much?

Diamond compact bit is not the same price, because it has a variety of different styles, and specifications, the price is not high, relatively estimate is in hundreds of yuan, if the user's requirements is higher, ready to choose the overseas import, market price will be relatively high, may be in 500 yuan to 800 yuan.

User when choosing diamond compact bit, also should not put all attention on price, sometimes should also look at the appropriateness, behind the price of which some influencing factors, there are combination of various factors to make a choice, can let oneself really satisfied, these are all can not be ignored.


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