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How should PDC bit be maintained?

2020-06-01 09:46:25


Many groups usually operate PDC bit for bit understanding of the products is very deep, so in the real operation process to master more skills and accumulate more experience, in the process of operation can better safeguard the quality of the PDC bit is not impaired, so let's analyze, in addition to the use of process, to ensure that the bit wasn't damaged products, in the midst of daily how to maintenance and maintenance of PDC bit?

First of all, we must make sure that after each use of PDC bit, we need to clean it carefully, to make sure that when the bit product is idle, there are no other external magazines, so that the bit will not be corroded and weathered during the idle process. Then, we need to conduct regular inspection on the bit product to ensure that the product should be maintained regularly after each use, so as to find out some problems in time and make corresponding remedies, so as to avoid more damage to the bit product.


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