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Comparison of the prices of domestic diamond bit and imported diamond bit

2020-09-07 14:52:41


Diamond composite chip bit, because of its durable characteristics, has long become the best choice of the industrial industry, but in the choice to buy a bit, first of all, we should understand its price, domestic products and imported products in the price will have a significant difference, so he chose to buy or to alert.

If you choose the domestic diamond composite chip bit, the general market price is about 200 to 500 yuan, if you choose the imported diamond composite chip bit, the market price is about 800 to 1000 yuan, from here we can also see that there are some differences in the price, but there is no obvious difference.

If the two kinds of different diamond compact bit are put together, will find that the quality and no difference, just the price difference, and this itself is a kind of easy to loss of products, although can prolong the using time, but also could not keep a long time, so suggest that do not need too much when the choice, only focus on the price.


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