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What is the approximate price of geological drill pipe

2020-07-22 10:48:12

What is the approximate price of geological drill pipe(图1)

In the current market, there have been a lot of geological drill pipe, but each kind of different products in the price will be different, we need to combine manufacturers to analyze together, from the large manufacturers, so the product will be introduced in the price will have a certain discount, it is also worth everyone to buy.

If you choose the geological drill pipe from Yu Huan industry machinery, the market price is estimated to be in 2000 yuan to 8000 yuan, but if you choose a few small manufacturers, need price is not high, but there might be some problem in terms of quality, so suggest that we need from all aspects to consider when buy, so will have better effect.

Geological drill pipe price basically is relatively fixed, but with our choice of design has a certain distinction, if the choice of models are relatively rare, will have an impact, so in this case, we should make the right choice, for example, we can choose the price is in 3000 yuan or so, so we would not appear.


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