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What is the difference between a DIAMOND compound chip bit and a PDC bit?

2020-07-07 15:16:30


Today's oil industry has already begun to use equipment, through the use of geological drill pipe equipment, can effectively improve the current work efficiency, reduce the difficulty of the work process. But each type of equipment requires a different bit and drill pipe. Do you know what the difference is between a DIAMond-chip bit and a PDC bit?

The diamond composite piece bit mainly ACTS on the hard rock formation, and generally ACTS on the hardness of grade 10, which is suitable for deep mining. Therefore, in the current market, the diamond composite piece bit has been widely used, but there is a certain difference between the PDC bit and the PDC bit.

PDC drill bit is mainly by the cutter, the nozzle and turn a body, and other different parts, mainly is the role in the process of the current excavation of coal, have higher cost, so is a composite of noble, but if you can pick huan industry machinery, nature can reduce the economic costs, but also can reduce the problems arising from the use process.


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