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How to match the drill bit with the drill pipe in use?

2020-07-06 10:50:00

How to match the drill bit with the drill pipe in use?(图1)

Nowadays, many enterprises in the oil industry will use the geological drill pipe, but they need to cooperate with the drill bit when using the geological drill pipe. If the random combination will affect the final effect, how can we play a double effect? The first thing you should know is the following.

The use of the geological drill pipe is mainly cooperate with drill, but exactly how collocation, suggest it is best to focus on the diameter, the diameter of the main and the diameter of the drilling bit is directly related to, if the diameter of the pipe and significantly less than the bit diameter, in the later use process may appear problem, if you really want to extend the using time, suggest that it is best to choose diamond compact bit, or select pDC bit, just need the price may be higher.

No matter what choice products, manufacturers should focus on the choice, if you can in huan industry machinery, selecting geological drill pipe can be guaranteed in quality, it is not easy to appear problem, which can effectively extend the using time, the other is the price also can get preferential, in most cases the required price is in 200 yuan to 500 yuan.


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