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How to choose the right PDC bit?

2020-04-02 09:18:24

How to choose the right PDC bit?

Since many brands of PDC drill bits are constantly changing, how should we select a suitable PDC drill bit? How to consider the quality of a product?

First of all, a more appropriate PDC bit must have a normal manufacturer, that is to say, the factory produced a variety of products have quality assurance, various aspects have certain quality standards, to ensure that manufactured products structure is normal, in use process will not appear mistake, and then we choose the suitable PDC bit factory, must choose corresponding type and size, then can give full play of its utility in using process. Therefore, although the PDC bit products are constantly improving, we must also pay attention to, when buying this product, we must one by one to carry out a comparison, only to buy a regular product, can ensure the smooth drilling work, can truly understand some advantages of modern PDC bit.

As a PDC bit manufacturer, huanye machinery has rich technical experience, which is widely praised by customers. It has been focusing on the production of drill pipe bit for more than 10 years. Its backbone technical team has strong technical strength and rich experience, and its products are of high quality and low price.


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