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In which environment is it best to store geological drill pipe?

2020-03-30 08:55:20

In which environment is it best to store geological drill pipe?

Now that we understand the geological drill pipe in use process, can play a crucial role, but if too much pressure, or due to improper operation, all is likely to cause some damage to the product, so we are still in the storage process of whether it is in use process, great attention should be paid to the protection of the product, so let's look at what kind of environment deposit geological drill pipe is best.

As the geological drill pipe is composed of alloy material, it must be placed in a dry and ventilated place during the storage process to avoid certain damage caused by moisture to the product. In the wet place, oxidation is likely to occur, making the external deterioration of the product. Or due to the direct sunlight during the storage process, it may also cause some damage to the product. No matter for the internal damage of the product, or external damage, is a serious impact on the use of geological drill pipe, so the correct way of storage can also better protect the quality of the product.


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