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The combination of screw technology and PDC bit

2020-04-13 09:03:32

The combination of screw technology and PDC bit(图1)

Some of the more traditional PDC bit can only to be quiet for a single job, so in the operating process of the effect is not special obvious, as people to the improvement of the drill bit and research combined screw technology and PDC bit, make the use effect of the types of PDC bit big ascension, in the process of operation, in a shorter period of time will be able to complete the drilling work, and because of the fast, or is due to the operation mode has changed, the surface of the PDC bit also won't get scratched.

In addition, after the combination of screw technology and PDC bit, the application range of the product has been greatly improved. In the past, the product can only be operated at the soft research level, but now it can be operated at a deeper level to give full play to the effect of PDC bit and make the drilling work smoothly. Many different bit materials are not applicable to the operation of hard rock, and the PDC bit can be applied to this field after improvement, so it can gain more customer recognition.


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