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Which projects are geological drill pipes mainly used in?

2020-10-27 17:18:00


Although geological drill pipe is an indispensable tool in many large-scale projects, in fact, many people do not understand geological drill pipe. What is the structure of geological drill pipe? What advantages does he have?

 If you understand the tool like drill pipe literally, it should be the most straightforward engineering related to geology. Drill pipe is indeed a tool for large-scale projects, mainly by rubbing alloy steel pipes. Geological tools are mainly used in factories. In some large buildings, or in the construction of bridges and highways, geological drill pipes will appear. Then geological drill pipes are compared with grooved drill pipes or triangular drills. What are the advantages of the rod?

 Among the many drill pipe products, the most unique advantage of geological drill pipe should be its bending strength and fatigue resistance. Only when the intelligence of drill pipe and related structure have more improvements, can it be guaranteed that it has more Uniqueness. The geological drill pipe is mainly made of reinforced alloy material. It is a steel pipe specially used to make drill pipes. It has a large degree of shear resistance, so it can be used in many harsh environments. In many large-scale projects, geological drill pipes can play a greater role to ensure that each operation can be carried out smoothly, and can be used multiple times without affecting the use effect.


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