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Why is grooving drill pipe used more and more frequently

2020-12-03 16:15:08


In fact, the various types of drill pipe tools produced in the market now have their own advantages, many people choose geological drill pipe, may be because this type of drill pipe has a strong ability to resist bending, so it is difficult to cause certain damage to the product in the process of use.

And geological drill pipe has a unique welding process, so in the process of use, will not cause certain damage to the product due to welding reasons, so it will have a certain advantage for other different types of drill pipe products, then the selection of geological drill pipe crowd will continue to increase.

Finally, although the grooving drill pipe can better overcome the friction faced by the 4-week drill pipe, the geological drill pipe also has its own unique advantages, which can better overcome the 4-week pressure, so it can have a stronger anti-friction and anti-bending ability, so it can also be used for a longer time. If the accuracy of the drill pipe is required to be high, it is more advantageous to choose the geological drill pipe.

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