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What factors are related to the failure of geological drill pipe in use?

2021-02-25 15:34:44

Nowadays, geological drill pipe will be used in various industries, but it will encounter a lot of trouble in the process of use, such as easy to fracture or joint head fracture. In fact, no matter what kind of link to use, these details should be paid attention to need to understand why this kind of failure problem.

First of all, the fracture of the geological drill pipe is mainly related to the material selected. For example, the choice is steel pipe, general hardness and toughness need to meet the national standards, otherwise it is likely to be distorted and deformation caused by serious wear and tear. Nowadays, most manufacturers will choose high-quality materials when developing products. In addition, they will add diamond bit or PDC bit, hoping to effectively ensure excellent compressive strength, excellent operation stability, and avoid the impact caused in the later period.

In addition, the geological drill pipe in use process, the surface still needs through a series of production and processing, and one of welding and thread is extremely critical, must be in a stable state, if there is no sufficient use of welding welding, should meet the relative movement, might lead to deformation, the temperature of the surrounding gradually rise, unconsciously can cause failure, easy to appear gradually reduce resistance, and so on and so forth.



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