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Do you know how to maintain a diamond composite bit?

2021-01-08 14:46:24


Diamond compact bit is generally applied to coal mining or is in the process of geological exploration, but many of the technical personnel don't know how to effectively carry out the daily maintenance, in fact, when using diamond compact bit and PDC bit will have obvious similarities, in order to prolong the using time, should focus on the maintenance.

Diamond compact bit more valuable is that teeth, because this kind of diamond compact bit, most of them are developed under the condition of high pressure or high temperature, and so will have a very hard characteristics, has the function of ground resistance, so it is in the process of underground engineering operation can bring protection effect, can effectively avoid the wear and tear, can also be effective in preventing damage to diamond surprises, at ordinary times when using PDC bit should also focus on the details.

Diamond composite bits are generally more suitable for the operation of different soft, medium and hard rock layers. In different geological layers, diamond bits should be used first, otherwise they will lead to obvious wear and will also lead to a decrease in the drilling speed. At present, the diamond composite bit developed generally has a high quality, can be suitable for a variety of different geological environment, in general, to use different materials, at least need to ensure low speed operation, and at low speed operation should be about 30 minutes.


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