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How to increase the service life of pdc drill bits?

2020-10-26 13:32:19


If you want to increase the service life of the pdc drill bit, you should pay attention to the daily maintenance of the pdc drill bit, and understand some specifications during use, because the main point of the drill bit is the material of the drill bit and the structural design of the cutting teeth To ensure that the drill bit will not be affected by the external environment and cause serious damage, it is necessary to distinguish the drill bits of different materials. The drill bit is operated in the corresponding surface layer, and then the cutting will not be damaged. It is necessary to pay attention to some relevant details during use. For example, when the drill bit is taken out using the drill rod, the speed must be slowed down to avoid damage to the cutting teeth.

Although the quality of the drill rod is relatively high when the diamond drill bit is lowered, the drilling process is actually very particular. It is necessary to use a turntable and a hanger to ensure that the position of the drill bit is accurate, and it also needs to be used. The blowout preventer forms a protective layer on the outside of the drill bit and drill pipe, and will not be damaged in some relatively corrosive formations. If you can. Paying more attention to the details of the use of some drill bits can prevent more drill bits from being damaged, and then the correct placement and maintenance of the drill bits in daily life can increase the service life of the pdc drill bits.


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