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How to grind the bit

2019-12-05 15:39:57


When drilling with a radial drill, the twist bit is indispensable. When grinding the twist bit, the Angle on both sides should be the same, between 118 degrees and 120 degrees. The cutting edge should be the highest, and the back should be a little lower to avoid position.

For the grinding of the bit, different grinding methods should be selected according to the specific situation of the hole to be machined. For example, if you want to drill holes with high precision, the drill bit should be sharpened, so that the bit centering is better, the drill bit will not swing too much, the hole drilled will be more round, the hole roughness will be higher; If you want to drill deeper holes, the drill bit should be ground more flat, so that the cuttings are easier to get out of the hole; If you want to drill the hole with high requirements and deep holes, you should first drill the bottom hole with a small bit, and then use a large drill hole, so that the hole is round, the hole is also more light, the hole size accuracy can be guaranteed.

It is recommended to use alloy grinding wheel, reverse grinding, grinding to have a sharp blade, this is still to rely on experience, grinding into what kind of drill out is what effect, good drill, whether there are two the same iron out. It's all about practice.

Sharpening process. The effect is better.

Formula a: "the edge of the wheel surface depends on." This is the first step of the relative position of the drill and the grinding wheel. Some students often start to grind on the grinding wheel before the edge is even. this

The sample must be badly ground. The "edge" here is the main cutting edge, "leveling" means that the main cutting edge of the part being sharpened is in the horizontal position

Buy. "Wheel face" means the surface of the grinding wheel. "

To lean on "means to draw closer slowly. At this point, the drill cannot touch the grinding wheel.


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