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  • Mine drill pipe water injector
Mine drill pipe water injector

Mine drill pipe water injector

Huan ye machinery products, drill pipe injection machine manufacturers specialized customized:

I. water injector for mine;

Water type coal drill pipe water injector

Three, coal electric drill water injection

Factory direct sales, quality and cheap, quantity large congyou!

Like the drillpipe fishing tool, the drillpipe injector is a commonly used tool to protect the drill pipe from the internal thread or external wall of the die forging. The company has also developed a new type of injector device, which is the latest information to replace the wire and casing injection tool.

A water injector is also called a water supply, toilet, or faucet. It is an essential tool for water injection and wind supply when drilling and drilling in mining and coal mine. The waterinjector series produced by our company is compact and reasonable in structure design. It adopts high wear-resisting seals, watertight and high pressure resistant. According to the transmission form, the product is divided into front drive type and rear follow-up type, which can be used according to different drill pipe types.