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Geological spiral drill pipe

  • Geological auger pipe (2)
Geological auger pipe (2)

Geological auger pipe (2)

Geological drill pipe, as a drilling tool, must be guaranteed to have better use effect in the operation process so as to be widely used in more projects. Because of drilling tools in the process of operation will be subjected to a lot of pressure, if the tool does not have a greater capacity of bending, so during the process of using, probably is due to the large pressure lead to deformation of the product, so compared with other geological drill pipe material of drill pipe products have a stronger ability to resist pressure, in use process can smoothly through some of the hard rock, but also won't cause some damage for drill pipe products.

Since the geological drill pipe in use process will be more pressure, then not in time and use process of greater damage to the product, in every use of can be used to ensure that the products are original effect, can under multiple operating conditions also can keep the original state, you can effectively increase the service life of the geological drill pipe.