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What are some of the main advantages of PDC bits?

2020-12-23 10:15:30


Now in place of industrial PDC bit can be found everywhere, but many people are not very understanding, after investigation will find this is a no activity components, the overall structure is simpler, when I was in the 20th century has emerged after the experiment, the effect is more, will find that have such as fast, long service life, and in the whole process can guarantee the stable state, can effectively reduce the accident, at the same time the quality is good.

After years of development, PDC bits on the market have long been improved, and have a good performance in both application scope and quality. Therefore, the bit has a very good orientation and can be effectively used by downhole motors, with small vibration in general. PDC bits with different structures should also be placed in different positions during use, so that they have better abrasive resistance and better aggression.

Many people will find the PDC bit has a strong offensive, so in this case can make drill in a short period of time to obtain the effect of high speed, generally in the current market and ordinary alloy bit, can effectively improve the work efficiency to reach about 20 times, because the choice of material is by diamond compact, and the combination of cast tungsten carbide, so the price is higher, generally use 10 to 20 years is not easy will fail.


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