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Construction of diamond drill bit factory

2019-12-14 11:01:59

  • Construction of diamond drill bit factory
Construction of diamond drill bit factory

Roadway accidents account for about 80%-90% of coal mine accidents, and roadway accidents along grooves account for about 80%-90% of roadway accidents. The adoption of non-pillar mining technology along cavity-forming roadway will greatly reduce the occurrence of coal mine safety accidents. In this context, geological drill pipe, PDC bit and diamond bit produced by linqing huan machinery manufacturing factory are used to cut the top and punch holes, and remarkable results have been achieved.

Linqing huan machinery co., ltd. has the coal safety certificate issued by the national mining products safety mark center, the company has mature production technology and perfect production testing equipment, to ensure the quality of products. We provide you with drill pipe, diamond bit, PDC bit.


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