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Diamond bit manufacturer

2019-12-14 11:00:55

  • Diamond bit manufacturer
Diamond bit manufacturer

Based on the comprehensive analysis of the current development of diamond bit technology, the overall development trend of the future needs to redouble efforts on the word "more".

(1) geological mine environment is more adaptable. The underground strata and lithology are complex and changeable, and may even drill into the high-temperature and high-pressure strata. In order to reduce the number of excavations, it is necessary to continuously enhance the formation adaptability of diamond bit and its resistance to high temperature and high pressure.

(2) faster drilling. Speed up is the eternal theme of drilling, but also the most effective way to reduce the cost of drilling, speed up is endless.

(3) longer service life. The drill just wasn't fast enough. It must have a long life to develop in the long run.

(4) accurate positioning. Horizontal Wells are increasingly used.

(5) lower unit costs. The more expensive the diamond bit, the better. The lower the cost per shot, the better the drill.

(6) smarter. In order to measure the working conditions of the diamond bit and detect the geological and engineering parameters at the bottom of the well, the instrument diamond bit and intelligent diamond bit are being developed abroad. Based on a large number of patent analysis and literature research, combined with the development of high and new technology and new materials, the development prospects of diamond bit technology in the future are prospected.


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