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PDC bit is indispensable in mine

2020-05-28 11:28:48

  • PDC bit is indispensable in mine
PDC bit is indispensable in mine

What are the differences between the PDC bit manufacturing plants?

Different PDC bit production factories have their own different production process, has the choice of different material, so we choose different products produced by the factory would have their own different use effect, can choose according to our main work environment to the corresponding PDC drill bit, so that it can fully play the effect of bit products, if we often work in some high rock hardness, when PDC bit selection should be more inclined to drill the strength of the product, but if we often work in the formation of some corrosion resistance is stronger, We should choose some bit products with high corrosion resistance, or choose some products with corrosion resistance layer.

Only by selecting PDC bit pertinently can we ensure that the bit products we buy have stronger effect in the operation process and will not be damaged in the operation process. Knowing more information about the bit products will enable us to have a higher guarantee when selecting the products in the factory.


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