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Integrated features of geological drill pipe to prevent thread breakage

2020-08-19 07:55:19


Integrated features of geological drill pipe to prevent thread breakage(图1)

Fracture failure of threaded teeth accounts for about 70% of drill pipe failure. According to the analysis of the causes of fracture failure of threaded teeth, the following preventive measures can effectively reduce the incidence of this type of failure:

(1) During thread processing, incomplete thread should be avoided at the end of thread (at the backout point) to prevent stress concentration of geological drill pipe from occurring there, resulting in fatigue damage of thread teeth.

(2) Proper sealing measures shall be taken at the bottom of the collar and the inner end of the outer thread to avoid the fluid in the pipe from entering the joint of the thread as far as possible, so as to reduce corrosion wear and prevent the tooth from corroding and causing insufficient strength of the thread.

(3) Conduct non-destructive testing, such as radiographic testing or magnetic three-edged drill pipe powder testing, on the processed threads to timely find the surface and internal defects of the pipe threads, and avoid the defective threads being pulled down the well.

(4) Select appropriate torque to tighten the thread to avoid breakage of thread teeth caused by excessive pre-tightening force exceeding the strength limit of the thread material.

Integral auger drill pipe features

Grooving drill pipe 1) And the applicability of conventional all-hydraulic drilling RIGS in coal mines, that is, the use of drill pipe does not require the modification of existing drilling RIGS, and will not increase drilling construction procedures and labor intensity of workers; its

2) Single-head, double-head or three-head spiral milling groove shall be arranged in the axial direction of the drill pipe to ensure not only the overall strength of the drill pipe, but also the ability of the drill pipe to mix powder and row diamond bit powder.

3) The joint adopts double-top structure and partial trapezoidal tooth type. The tensile strength and torsional strength of the joint are 30% and 40% higher than the conventional drill pipe respectively. Considering the use of the soft coal seam quick lower hole screen technology, the joint design has two kinds of conventional size and large size.

4) Spiral milling groove main parameters include PDC bit milling groove depth, width and milling groove structure. The depth and width of the milling groove refer to the welded wide blade auger drill pipe blade, and the milling groove Angle adopts excessive arc to reduce the stress concentration phenomenon.

5) The joint adopts friction welding technology. The technology has the characteristics of high quality, high efficiency, energy saving and no pollution, high mechanization degree and high production efficiency.

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