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The geological drill rod

2019-12-05 15:38:13


Geological drill pipe is used for mining water, gas and geological exploration drilling tools. The geological drill pipe produced by our company, also known as imitation English drill pipe, round drill pipe, external flat drill pipe, geological alloy drill pipe and conventional drill pipe for coal mine tunnel drilling, including exploration drill pipe with a diameter of less than 89mm for oil drilling and underground drill pipe and well drill pipe for rock drilling in mines. The drill pipe body is made of special steel pipe made of high grade geological alloy, and the drill pipe joint is made of high grade alloy structural steel. With advanced friction welding technology, the drill pipe is characterized by high bending strength and firm welding. The production equipment adopts advanced nc machining equipment, which has the characteristics of high production efficiency and stable quality. The product has high fatigue strength and long service life.


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