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Archival data of PDC bit and diamond composite bit I

2021-01-13 09:37:57



Diamond compact bit more valuable is that teeth, because this kind of diamond compact bit, most of them are developed under the condition of high pressure or high temperature, and so will have a very hard characteristics, has the function of ground resistance, so it is in the process of underground engineering operation can bring protection effect, can effectively avoid the wear and tear, can also be effective in preventing damage to diamond surprises, at ordinary times when using PDC bit should also focus on the details.

There are many similarities between PDC bits and diamond composite bits, and over the years it has been found that oil groups have improved their technology during the production process, which is relatively unsatisfactory when compared to international class standards. PDC bit will first have a faster speed, can effectively improve the service life. In addition, in the process of operation, the cycle can also be guaranteed, so this has also started to get a lot of attention.

In the current market, people will find that there are many professional manufacturer for producing diamond compact bit, or the PDC bit, if you want to know which manufacturers products launched by comparative advantage, should also be combined with individual use scenarios, because people when buying diamond compact bit, the main effect may be oil or coal mining exploration. If you are used in the process of oil exploration, you should choose high quality geological drill pipe, and then combined with diamond composite bit, such a combination will have a wide range of effects, is not likely to have problems.


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