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When buying geological drill pipe, how to choose the specification?

2020-04-24 09:52:46


When buying geological drill pipe, how to choose the specification?

Although before we buy the geological drill pipe, more need to consider the issue should be the material of the product or the price of the product, but we must also know that in different fields of application of the geological drill pipe, the specifications should be different.

Generally we can from three aspects to distinguish geological drill pipe specifications or structure, which can facilitate more customers can buy the right product, first of all, the most able to distinguish between a factor should be of the geological drill pipe is the diameter of the products, according to different engineering requirements, choose different diameter can achieve the effect of different, there is another factor is the length of drill pipe, separate the deep operation and surface areas, and then drill pipe products one of the key elements of the type of choice will directly affect the use effect of drill pipe products, can according to the diameter of the drill pipe products we need to choose the appropriate type buckle, General diameter is bigger can choose flat buckle, diameter slightly smaller can choose conical buckle.


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