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Application of grooving drill pipe

2020-01-06 14:42:44


In order to give full play to the advantages of the grooving drill pipe applied in the drilling of protruding coal seam, the influence of the width, depth and pitch of the spiral groove of the grooving drill pipe on the effect of slag removal is analyzed. Establish 50 刻槽钻杆煤层钻孔三维模型,对不同参数的刻槽钻杆在钻孔内的排渣情况进行数值模拟。 The results show that the width of spiral groove is 12 mm, the depth is 1.1 mm, the pitch is 76 mm, and the slag discharge effect is the best. Through the industrial test of outburst coal seam drilling, the average drilling depth is increased by 36.2%, the drilling efficiency is increased by 41.5%, and the surface temperature difference of groove drill pipe is small.


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