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How much is the geological drill pipe with diamond compound chip bit?

2020-07-31 10:16:30

Geological drill pipe is relatively high in all walks of life, but in the process of use, we also need to know how much price is needed. In fact, geological drill pipe itself is a whole set of products, including diamond composite chip bit, so there will be obvious differences in price.



Diamond bit

First geological drill pipe structure is simpler, but it has a great strength, can bring about impact resistant ability, with high wear resistance, in the 1980 s is definitely one of the three major technology, so after the collocation of different diamond compact bit, the market price will change, usually is controlled in 10000 yuan to 100000 yuan, and, of course, we selected brand also has a certain difference.

Geological drill pipe on the market at present, some from abroad, some from home, if is to choose the domestic product, the price will naturally have a certain advantage, but if you choose to foreign products, the price is relatively high, so we are in is to attract attention from various aspects, when choosing one way to choose to suit oneself as far as possible.


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